Hi, I'm Ed Roper

I’m an application developer, photographer, and designer from the suburban Philadelphia area.

I love to code, and live for a good cup of tea.

What I do

Application Development

I'm experienced in many aspects of development, from front-end, to middle-tier, on down to the back-end. I focus primarily on the .NET platform, but have experience with LAMP and a variety of DevOps disciplines and technologies.

I also have a large mixture of experience in infrastructure and hardware. I can develop a turn-key solution from bare metal on up to the full application stack.

Web & Graphic Design

I love to be creative, so when I'm not coding or configuring servers, I'm making something interesting. I've created web sites, branding, and printed materials for organizations big and small.

I am a one-stop shop for all your content creation needs. Be it a basic brochure site with sales information, or a full-service content management system driven eCommerce solution.

Commercial Photography

Truth is, I've been taking pictures longer than I've been using computers. I have a well developed portfolio of studio quality commercial grade photos, and I can assist you with any of your photographic needs.

To see my portfolio, click on over to edroperphoto.com. Don't worry, I'll wait.

My Work

About Me

“be it Code or content, I was born to create”

I became fascinated with cameras as early as I can remember, and computers shortly thereafter. After getting my own computer in high school, and after an in-depth vocational educational program in networking, I dived into the IT job market straight after graduation. As time went on, I matured along with the web and picked up a strong appreciation for web and graphical design.

It is rare that I am not busy studying or diving into some new area of technology, as I find my chosen career path is a never ending gateway to learning. I like to say that I am an educational pitbull; once I set my mind on learning or tackling a problem, I do not relent until it is solved. These are traits I would love to put to work for you or your organization in realizing your technical or creative needs.

I've worked in organizations large and small, from startups to existing enterprises. I also love to donate work to non-profits, and on a freelance basis I love working with small businesses to help them realize their creative needs with an affordable budget.


I would love to hear about how I can help you with your next project, or if you think I would make a good addition to your team. Please direct all resume requests to my email.

If you'd like to talk more, get in touch either via social media, phone, or email. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible

I look forward to hearing from you!